Muddy Colors

Muddy Colors is a fantastic resource for artists, posting daily on a wide range of topics.

When founder Dan Dos Santos approached me about migrating Muddy Colors from Blogger to WordPress, I knew it would be a massive project. The blog had been around for a decade with daily posts, accompanying media, and comments made for a challenging migration.

At the same time, Dan had a clear vision for what he wanted the new site to look like and provided a detailed branding guide. Gotta love working with professional artists! This was the first time I used Extra from Elegant Themes, and the archive functionality fit well with the deep content.

The site automatically swaps out design elements to match the author of the daily posts, so viewers see a fresh banner each day. As posts age, they fall back to the next feature section (yesterday, last week). The deep customization of the site makes it all appear seamless.

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