Graphic Resources

Graphics are the bread and butter of web design. Quite often clients don’t have many (or any) graphics prepared for their site, which is why Google image search can be so valuable. Whenever searching for stock graphics, however, it drives me crazy how much time I have to spend filtering through supposedly “free” images only to find sites that make you buy credits to download...
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Back to Forever

A funny thing happened midway through 2013. I found Lissie Maurus completely by accident, and she would quickly become one of my favorite artists. Back then, her new album was still forthcoming and wouldn’t be out for months, but her catalog dominated my playlists on Spotify for months leading up to the new album. When BACK TO FOREVER finally dropped, it quickly became the album of the...
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Google Drive Backup

There’s a fantastic plugin called Updraft Plus that we’ve been using to back up client websites. The free version of the plugin allows your WordPress website to back up its files and database automatically to the cloud with no effort on your part once configured. How great is that? You can use UpdraftPlus with Amazon S3, Dropbox, or Rackspace, but for the purpose of this tutorial...
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Mesut Özgen

Mesut Özgen is an acclaimed guitarist and composer whose roots lay in traditional Turkish music. Interestingly, Mesut completed his studies as a medical doctor before pursuing music full-time. Mesut was part of the guitar faculty at University of California at Santa Cruz until recently when he joined the faculty at Florida International University as director of guitar studies and the FIU Miami...
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Legends of the Fallout Book Trailer

Here is a book trailer I produced for Stephen R. Cox. Artwork by Michael Whelan. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

The combination of visuals and music, I think, convey a sense of action and intrigue that dominates the Mutant Hunter books. LEGENDS OF THE FALLOUT is the first in the series. I’ll have more book trailers coming soon!

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